About Us

Two avid readers found it a struggle to find books that were written by Black authors and/or containing Black characters that satisfied there reading needs. Not that there weren’t books out there by Black authors, or books that contained Black characters. The problem that Monique and Lala were facing was that they read across various genres and the quantity and quality of books written by Black authors and/or containing Black characters started to diminish as noticeably. The frustration that Monique felt when she tried to find mystery and chick lit books to her book club was the seed that grow into Our Story Reviews and Our Story Box.

The hope of Monique and Lala is that Our Story Reviews will become a destination for readers that seek diversity in their books to come to reviews and recommendations. A place they can trust to tell them the good, the bad and the ugly about the books they read and review. They starve to present to readers books from all genres not only to expand their own reading taste but to also hopefully get others to try a new genre.
Our Story Box is not Monique’s first time blogging and writing about books. She started her journey as a book reviewer at The Little Reading Nook in 2008 and she is also the founder of a book club in South Florida that is celebrating it’s fourth anniversary in 2016.

Lala is an avid reader since childhood and loves to read a wide variety of genres, from romance to fanasty, to urban fiction, you name it she reads it. While this is the first time she has ever reviewed books, she has reviewed beauty products on her YouTube channel and recommends books to family and friends often.

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